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Welcome to H. P. Designs' placemat world! 

Our products combine the sophistication and beauty of classical design with the practicality and whimsy of modern day life and entertaining. 

H. P. Designs' signature line-laminated placemats-is designed to convey the feel of lacquered English hardboard mats in a form that is easily stackable and storable, as well as durable and washable. They are intended to inspire an exciting tablescape from a formal dining room setting to the garden, the luncheon, or the kitchen counter. The designs represent a variety of subjects, many featuring antique print images: botanicals, butterflies, fish, shells, and landscapes, embellished with decorative borders, flourishes, and other "creatures". Each placemat is an original collage of images that is reminiscent of a vintage decoupage design. 

The mats are printed on a heavy card stock and encased in a thick 10 ml. acrylic lamination. The final placemat has a quality feel.  They are sold in sets of 8 and 12 and packaged in a custom heavy-duty, see-through vinyl envelope.  The packaging works well for presentation and storage.  




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